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Lesson Plan Sept 14 - Sept. 18
Explosive Movement
At this level of the game, how you move to the ball is critical. Moving to the ball effectively will allow you more options when you hit the ball. Likewise, being able to identify your opponent’s footwork will allow you to anticipate your opponent’s shot. Step 1 is to stay low. This will allow you “force” when you push off the ground. Step 2 is your first step explosion. Moving from a low position, how athletic is your movement to the ball? First step explosion is how much force you generate when you push off the ground and move to the ball. If you are able to produce a “big” first step explosion, you will get to the ball sooner, be able to set up for the ball better, and hit a better shot. Therefore, dynamic exercises both on the court and in the gym are excellent exercises for you to get in better “tennis shape.” And finally, the purpose of producing both of these elements will dictate patterns of play. A brief example is this: Player A does not stay low and explode to the ball. Therefore, Player A is unable to generate the necessary force to hit the ball crosscourt effectively. Now because Player A did not stay low and have a big first step explosion, that player is forced to hit the ball short, or to the middle of the court, or will be forced to hit the ball down the line. This is just one example of a pattern breakdown based on footwork. At this level of the game, you will need these tools to compete against your opponents and understanding them will allow you to push your game to the next level!