City of Coronado/Tennis Center

1501 Glorrieta Ave
Coronado, CA 92111

Telephone: 619-522-2650

White Label: Disable

Club Login URL:

Club Administrators:

Certified Testers:

Club Ladders and Rosters:

This Saturday 7/12/08 from 3-5pm is our second official Grips test day.You must pass your online test before you can sign up for the on court test. You then need to schedule your test time with your coordinator who is me, Sue Hites.

You will also want to print out your test look it over and bring it with you on test day. You can come to test day without being tested if you just want to practice and play a team match. It is $10 to take the test and free to come out and play. It is at the Coronado High School courts.

Call me with any questions 619-319-5236

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