Member Benefits

The BEST benefit to Grips Members is that you become a better tennis player!! Here's how:

1. You know what you need to do to pass your next test - it's all written down for you!

2. In addition to match results, you can judge your long-term progress based on skill development.

3. Your coach uses specific Grips drills in your tennis classes that actually help you pass your next test!

4. When you are not on-court, you can go to your personal page on the Grips website to keep learning!

5. You can take your test whenever you feel ready - and if you don't pass the first time, it's okay - you can take it again.

6. When you pass your test, you receive a Certificate of Achievement and a new colored grip for your racket!

7. On the Grips website, you can meet other players who are the same color level as you - you can even set up times to practice together!

8. Your parents can track your progress, and they even have their own personal page where they can learn how to help you become a better player!

9. As long as you keep practicing and taking the tests, you'll get closer to being a Black Grip - and you'll be ready to be a Pro Tennis Player!!!

10. Grips provides a roadmap for success and you control the speed of your development.

11. By passing the tests, you'll develop mastery over your strokes, movement, shots, and mental game.

There are lots of other cool things on your personal profile pages, so come on and join Grips and get in the game!!!