How Grips Works


Question: How does Grips work?

Answer: There are five easy steps to the Grips Program:

#1 Print & Use your Drills: Each Grips color level has its own specifically designed and selected set of drills for you to practice on the court. We recommend you work with a professional tennis coach familiar with the Grips Program, but you can print your drills from your player dashboard and do them with your friends, parents, brother/sister, high school coach, etc. All of the drills are easy to understand and easy to use. Once you’ve mastered your set of drills, you’re ready to take your test to move up to the next level.

#2 Hit the Web Site: While you're off-court, there’s still plenty to do! Your player dashboard is packed with articles and tips aimed at preparing you to move to the next level. Your dashboard will also let you connect with your tennis friends, view ladder standings, and WIN Grips trivia PRIZES!

#3 Take your Knowledge Test: Don’t worry, it’s not hard! On your player dashboard you’ll find a practice test which will get you ready for the real deal. When you’re ready, take the real test on your dashboard and see how you do! If you don’t pass, guess what? You can take it again! And when you pass, you’re one step away from moving up to the next color level!

#4 Take your On-Court Test: Once you’ve passed your knowledge test, you’re eligible to take your on-court skills test with a Grips Certified Tester. You can find a Certified Tester near you by clicking on the “Find A Tester” button on the toolbar or stop by any of the Grips National Test Days throughout the country.

#5 Practice/Test/Pass: If you don’t pass your test, it’s okay! Get immediate feedback from your tester so that when you go practice, you can focus on the skill(s) that you had trouble with. The cool thing about testing is that the more frequently you do it, the better and better you get! Each time you take a test, you will receive an e-mail with the results (The results from all your tests will also be saved in your “Test History” on your Player Dashboard) so you’ll be able to pin-point which specific drills you need to work on to master that level!

When you pass the test, your player dashboard will automatically update to your new color level – immediately giving you access to the next level’s material. Then, keep an eye out for the mailman! In 5 to 7 days, your new colored Grip and a Certificate of Achievement for the completion of that level will be delivered right to your door!

Question: Who can do Grips?

Answer: Absolutely everyone can use the Grips Program! The program is designed to tailor to your age and ability. Junior Grips is for children ages 4 and up, and adults will start at the Grips level that best suits them. Some kids may also skip Junior Grips and start right in Grips.

Question: Do I need to belong to a tennis club?

Answer: While we encourage you check out one of the incredible clubs running the Grips Program near you (click the "Find a Club" button in the toolbar), it’s not required. You can use the Grips Program with your personal coach, parent, friends or high school coach – and when you’re ready to test just find a Certified Tester near you or come to one of the Grips National Test Days.

Question: How much does it cost to take the On-Court test?

Answer: The On-Court test is free at all of the Grips National Test Days. If you choose to use a Grips Certified Tester at your club or in your area, there may be a nominal charge, but usually not more than $20. You can send a message to any tester for their rates and schedules.

Question: How many times can I take my test?

Answer: You can take both your knowledge test and on-court test as many times as you want until you pass, however, you may only take the on-court test once in a given day. We encourage you to take your on-court test at least once every other month to find out what skills you need to work on.

Question: What is a Player Dashboard?

Answer: Each player has a Player Dashboard which is designed specifically for their color level. All articles, tips, videos, drills, practice tests and tests are found on your dashboard. You can also chat with friends, post messages, schedule on court tests, contact your coach and see where you stand on your club’s ladder!

Question: What’s a Parent Dashboard?

Answer: If you’re a parent who signed up one or more of your kids, congratulations, you have your own Parent Dashboard! From here you can track your kid(s) progress, read articles and tips specifically for you (i.e., a parent of a young tennis player) and control your kid(s) privacy controls including their ability to instant message with friends, post messages, etc.

Question: What if my club uses Quickstart?

Answer: No problem. Quickstart is a program designed by the USTA to get and keep young kids in the game. Junior Grips has a special Quickstart format that your club will use to progress the kids through the Quickstart program.

Question: What is a Club Ladder and how does it work?

Answer: Your club ladder may now be online with Grips, and if it is, you will receive monthly standings via e-mail. Compete with other players at your club or in your area. All rules will be given to you, and all results are reported to Its that easy!

Question: How do I find a Grips Certified Tester?

Answer: If your club is running the Grips Program they will have one or more Certified Testers on hand to administer the on-court tests. Otherwise, you can find a tester near you by clicking the “Find a Tester” button in the toolbar. You can also attend a Grips National Test day where all of the tests are administered by Grips staff.

Question: What is a Grips Certified Tester?

Answer: A Grips Certified Tester has been trained by the Grips staff on how to administer the on-court tests. We certify all of our testers so that there is consistency across all tests. That way we know, for example, that a Blue Grip is the same in New Jersey as it is in Nashville, Iowa, California, etc.

Question: What if I change tennis clubs and/or coaches?

Answer: No problem. The great thing is that all of your test history is available to your new club and/or coach, so you’ll be able to pick up exactly where you left off.

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