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We launched the Grips Program in Southern California - and the positive feedback from players, coaches and parents inspired us to roll out the program nationwide! We're excited and proud of the fact that we've proven that this program WORKS, and provides players, young or old, the fastest way to improve their tennis game!

Our core belief is that players must develop and master a comprehensive skill set progressing from the first time they pick up a tennis racket. We do this by:

1. Captivating the player's attention (i.e., they have to have fun)

2. Motivating the player to get to the next level (i.e., they have to be challenged)

3. Rewarding the player for achievements (i.e., keeping players invested in the game so that they stick around longer)

Fun, challenging and rewarding - it sounds so simple, but as you probably know, it can be tricky - and that's why we know you'll love Grips!

As the program evolves, we draw our inspiration from the 6 and 7 year-olds sprinting to the practice courts to prepare for test day, the 18 year olds playing on the pro circuit who are striving to earn their Black Grip, the parents who tell us that they better understand the development process and how they can be involved, and the coaches who share with us their experience using the program and their players' success stories.

The Grips Program is now launching at clubs and schools across the U.S., and we're offering National Test Days at cities from coast to coast.

Please feel free to contact us with questions or feedback at info@gripsprogram.com

Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you on the courts!


Craig Cignarelli
Craig has been a dedicated and passionate tennis coach for 17 years and has seen several juniors to #1 national rankings - earning the distinction of being "one of the most successful developmental coaches in the country." In addition to his duties and extensive travel for Grips, he continues to work with some of the most talented and competitive players in the world.

Contact: craig@gripsprogram.com

Aaron Fox, USPTA, PTR
Aaron has been involved in tennis his entire life and has been teaching the game full time for over 12 years. He held US national and ITF rankings throughout his junior career and was Pennsylvania State Doubles Champion. Aaron attended Drake University where he was one of the most winning players of all time and graduated with honors earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. In addition to spending time on the court with a majority of the top ranked women in the game, Aaron has traveled extensively assisting Tennis Canada and its players. Aaron now travels part time for Grips speaking with players, parents, coaches, clubs and federations.

Contact: aaron@gripsprogram.com

Jay Froberg
Jay co-founded ROAR, a Beverly Hills based entertainment consulting and investment firm headquartered in Beverly Hills, California. Prior to ROAR Jay worked for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer where he negotiated a myriad of significant deals on behalf of MGM - and earned the distinction of becoming the youngest Vice President in MGM Studios' history. Jay holds a BA in Psychology from the University of Arizona as well as a MBA and a JD from Pepperdine University, and he is a member of the State Bar of California.

Contact: froberg@roar.la

Craig and Aaron met while both coaching at the Riviera Country Club in Los Angeles. Recognizing the need for an innovative junior development program, the two collaborated to create the Grips Program. Jay met Craig and Aaron via his & ROAR’s support of the Tim and Tom Gullikson Foundation, and the group teamed up to co-found the Grips Program.









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Ken Dehart
Ken is a Master Professional in the United States Professional Tennis Association ("USPTA"), a Master Professional in the Professional Tennis Registry ("PTR") and a PTR National Tester and Clinician. He is a former PTR International Pro of the Year, two time Northern California USPTA Pro of the Year, two time Southwest USPTA Pro of the Year and three time USPTA Career Development Award Winner. Ken is co-author of the "International Book of Drills" and is a regular contributor to numerous publications including "Tennis Magazine," "TennisPro Magazine," "Addvantage Magazine," and "RSI Magazine" among others. Ken is currently the Director of Tennis at San Jose Swim & Racquet Club in San Jose, California, and he travels extensively meeting and working with the most elite tennis coaches in the World.

Dick Gould
Dick is the most winningest coach in college tennis history – with 17 National Championship Titles. He has over 40 years of experience as a tennis coach, 38 of those (1966 – 2004) as Stanford University Men’s Tennis Coach. Dick has received numerous awards including the U.S. Olympic Committee’s “Coach of the Year,” the Inter Collegiate Tennis Association’s “Wilson Coach of the Decade,” Volvo’s “Service to Tennis Award and the USTA’s “Educational Merit Award,” “Service to Tennis Award” and “Lifetime Achievement Award” – and he is an Intercollegiate Tennis Hall of Fame inductee. He is the author of “Tennis Anyone” - one of the most popular tennis instruction books ever published and often serves as a TV Tennis Analyst. In addition to conducting clinics, appearing as a featured presenter and lecturing around the world, Dick currently sits on the Head/Penn Advisory Staff and Speaker’s Panel, the National Advisory Board of the Positive Coaching Alliance and is the Director of Tennis for Stanford University.

Chuck Kriese
Chuck is a four time U.S. National Coach of the Year. For 33 years he served as Head Coach of Clemson University, where he earned 685 college team wins - the most ever in the Atlantic Coast Conference. He is a Certified USTA High Performance Coach and has coached numerous top ATP and WTA Tour players. He is an active member of the USPTA and the PTR and has given seminars and conducted clinics in the U.S., Australia, Spain, Great Britain, Japan, China New Zealand, Netherlands, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Ireland and Central America. In 1976 Chuck founded his “Total Tennis Training” youth camp, which has been credited for training more than 14,000 kids in the sport. He has appeared on ESPN as both a coaching expert and a color commentator for televised matches, authored numerous articles, and published five books: “Total Tennis Training”; “Winning Tennis”; “Youth Tennis”; “Coaching Tennis”; and “Where the Tigers Play: A History of Clemson Athletics 1896 to 2003”. Chuck is currently the Technical Director for the South East Asia Tennis Federation.


Dede Allen, Northern Florida
Dede Allen has an extensive tennis background. Her highlights include:

• Women’s tennis coach and assistant tennis director at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC and was named ACC Coach of the Year.
• USTA from 1988 to June 2002 as the Administrator of USA Tennis Junior Competition, as well as, staff coordinator for the Collegiate Tennis Committee for the USTA.
• Tournament Director of the U.S. Open Junior Championships for 14 years during her tenure.
• Organized and conducted the USTA National Junior Championship Tournament Directors Workshops and helped coordinate other special national international events.

In addition to being a Grips Representative, Dede currently holds the positions:

USTA National Recreation Coach Trainer
USTA QuickStart Trainer - Recreational
USTA QuickStart Trainer - High Performance
School Tennis Specialist
Special Olympics Tennis Trainer of Trainers
USTA Adjunct Faculty Member for Community Tennis,
PTR “professional” 5A - certified teaching pro
Adjunct Faculty for the US Sports Academy in Mobile, AL

She is the author of:

USTA Guide for Prospective College Tennis Players
Collegiate Guide for High School Athletes
Collegiate Guide for High School Tennis Players, now a second edition
Magazine articles: “Reading, ‘Riting, and Recruiting” published in the USPTR Bi-monthly
“Back to the Basics—Recruiting 101” published on the ITA Website
A Life Skills Curriculum for the US Sports Academy in Mobile, AL
Numerous Articles for various websites

Dede has presented seminars around the country to hundreds of prospective college tennis players, parents and coaches at sectional and national events. She has also presented at the USPTA World Conference, the PTR Tennis International Symposium and the State and National HS Coaches Association Convention.

Contact: dede@ddasports.com

Page Bartelt, Southern California
Page has been playing tennis competitively since she was 7 years old. She was a top nationally ranked junior from age 7 to 18, and growing up was consistently ranked in the top 5 in Southern California. She won the Pac-Ten Doubles Title as a sophomore at Arizona State University and competed professionally on the WTA Tour. She held the #1 USPTA ranking in Women's Open Singles in 2006, and has recently achieved the #1 and #2 ranking in Women's Open Doubles and Singles in Southern California. She loves helping students explore their potential and is passionate about how proper technique can prevent injuries. Page has coached tennis for over 15 years and also remains on the cutting edge of cross-training as a personal trainer for athletes specializing in the balance and agility work. She continues to compete for fun.

Contact: page@gripsprogram.com

Lester Cook, Texas
Lester was born and raised in Southern California. Throughout a successful junior career he reached the semifinals of Kalamazoo at the age of 16 and finished the year #4 in the nation in the boys under 18's division. On top of his success on-court, he accumulated 5 national sportsmanship awards along the way.

At age 17, Lester attended Texas A&M University in College Station, TX where he became a 3-time All-American. He captured the prestigious All-American tournament, the #1 ranking in the nation in doubles and #5 in singles before joining the professional tennis tour.

Lester is currently playing on the ATP Challenger circuit and is ranked #312 in the world singles rankings and #285 in doubles. Lester currently travels the world striving to improve his game of tennis everyday.

Contact: lester@gripsprogram.com

Bill Hunter, New Jersey
Bill is a USPTA certified pro who grew up on the East Coast playing tennis competitively. He managed a tennis program in New England before moving to Southern California six years ago to coach juniors and adults at the Riviera Tennis Club in Pacific Palisades. He is also traveling coach for a number of nationally ranked juniors and is a contributing editor covering professional tennis for the popular sports website Mediazone.com.

Contact: bill@gripsprogram.com

For more information on becoming a Grips Representative, please contact info@gripsprogram.com


Paula Endress, Chicago Illinois
Paula has been involved in tennis since she was introduced to the sport by her husband, Dave, in the mid 1980's. After moving to eastern PA, Paula began working at the local tennis club, starting at the front desk, and spending 8 years as membership director, while providing substantial support to the tennis department. Paula and Dave have three sons who are also tennis players, two of whom played Division I college, and continue with the sport as teaching professionals. Paula has remained an avid club player, and is thrilled to be involved more directly with tennis again by working with the Grips Program.

Contact: service@gripsprogram.com